Glamour photography in our Reading Berkshire photographic studio.
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Feedback & Comments from Photographers & Models

Working in a studio opens up a whole new world in your photography, but can be daunting for a beginner. During his one-to-one starter course Paul taught me how to work a studio and the extraordinary photographic opportunities it has to offer. On my follow up session, solo, I applied what Iíd learned, while the most beautiful woman in the world gently reminded me where I was going wrong. I havenít met a single model at Paulís who hasnít been kind, professional, patient and above all fun. Paul is always on hand, either to offer a decent cup of coffee if you know exactly what lighting you want and can set it up yourself, or you can turn up at the studio with a set of wacky ideas and Paul wonít stop until youíve got the pictures youíre after. With his help Iíve turned his studio into, among other things, a Parisian garret and a 1960s nightclub. The studio is clean and comfortable, the equipment is top of the range, and thereís enough of it and sufficient props to achieve pretty much any effect. Great music selection too. Doing that course completely rejuvenated my interest in photography - I am now a regular.
John Tubby

I would recommend Pauls's Studio 100% to anyone like myself, has a keen interest in Photography but needs a helping hand to get started in Studio work. As well as the studio having all the facilities you could ask for, Paul is extremely helpful and takes time to make sure that everything you need is in place.
I enjoyed his 'try it and see' approach and he balances a hands-on practical approach to understanding lighting with sufficient technical info to give you confidence for the future.
All in all a great time and I'll be back for more.

Regarding the studio, I was very impressed. Good equipment and a good layout. I think that you personally made a big difference. You have been very helpful right from the first enquiry. Nice lot of props to hand. I would like to use your facilities again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues and friends.
Kev Brett

I have worked at Paulís Studio for the past 2 years and Iíve got nothing but praise for him and the studio. Itís always clean, warm (or cold if we are having a heat wave!) and there is a lot of equipment to choose from. Not only is the studio first-class but also Paulís attitude to helping photographers with what they want to achieve. If you are a complete novice or a pro - this is the best place to go.
Charlotte Gee

"I have had some amazing photos taken here! Excellent lighting, clean and versatile studio and Paul is very helpful about changing lighting and sets for you which is very useful"

I have worked at Paul's studio on a fairly regular basis over the last couple of years. Paul has always been most helpful and accommodating and the studio is always very well presented and versatile. This is much appreciated by both models and photographers alike who enjoy working there and invariably return for subsequent shoots.
Dave Kennedy

I have worked a couple of times at Paul's studio with himself and other photographers. I have always been really impressed by Paulís friendly, but also helpful manner towards other photographers and he has always made me feel really welcome there. His studio has some great sets there that are quick and easy to set up but look great and I have had always been really happy with the pictures that have been taken of me there. I would highly recommend it to anyone, its great value for money and Paul provides a very good service.

I found the studio to be very comfortable to work in, the use of space is well planned and the equipment and lighting are of good quality. It is an easy space to take good pictures in. I will be back
Keith O'Flinn

"The studio is a great environment to build and develop your portfolio as it has been carefully created with a variety of photographer and model's needs in mind. The pictures I have had taken there have always been excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend using the studio to anyone in the area. Paul is a great person to run such a studio and any model will feel happy working with him."
Sammie B

See also comments from photographers who have attended courses.

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