Glamour photography in our Reading Berkshire photographic studio.
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Studio Lighting

New Bowens Gemini Pro Studio Lighting.

Easier Use - Better Performance - Improved Reliability.

The studio has fully re-quipped and the lighting upgraded with New Bowens Gemini 500Pro Professional lighting replacing the Bowens Esprit 500s

The new lighting is wireless triggered and remote control on all 6 Mono Light flash units and compatible with all the existing studio soft boxes, modifiers and accessories.

The new lighting provides a number of benefits and increased reliability to all studio users including new studio users and experienced studio photographers.

  • Easy Control with Switched Stops plus finer control with switched 1/10ths.
  • Digital LED display showing power settings.
  • Faster Recycle times
  • Fan cooled improves reliability and longer operation.
  • Wireless triggering on units with Bowens Pulsar TX Small Low profile Camera mounted trigger unit.
  • Full Remote Control on all Units.
  • Fast Flash Duration.
  • Self-Monitoring and Warnings

Features of the Bowens Gemini 500 Pro Head

  • Compatible with Travelpak (optional accessory) for use on location.
  • Twin dial power control system allows adjustments in either full stops or 1/10th increments.
  • Infra-red remote control, via the optional RC-3 remote, including the flash power, modeling lamp mode and output, ready indicators and photocell functions.
  • Optional plug-in radio trigger module allowing wireless operation from the Bowens Pulsar radio transmitters.
  • Smart Photocell allows the user to ignore pre-exposure flashes from on-camera flashes or other small portable units. The flash head can be programmed to trigger on the first, second, third or fourth pre-flash or to 'learn' the sequence for a particular unit.
  • Advanced modeling lamp control allows the usual full, proportional and off settings but also incorporates a 'soft-start' and 'lamp-saver' option to prolong the life of the bulb.
  •  Auto-dump is a standard feature of the range and can either flash or resistive dump the power. The intelligent power management system monitors the use and calculates the optimum method.
  • The side and rear LED displays show either the set or the desired power level as well as additional information during user set-up. The display itself can be inverted for use on a ceiling track system.
  • Both audible and visual ready indicators are included with the former having the option to be switched off.
  • Guide No 85 (m/100 ISO)
  • Colour Temperature 5600K (+/-300K)
  • Fast Recycle Time 1.1 Secs
  • fast Flash Duration 1/2900 Sec
  • Multi Voltage Operation
  • Fan Cooling
  • Compatible with Travelpak (optional accessory) for use on location

Gemini Pro Advantages:

Fast Flash Duration
If you need to capture action, then the Pro range is for you. The three-electrode flash tube is the reason for the action freezing flash times on the Gemini Pro monolights - the fastest Bowens monolights ever! The flash tube is easily user replaceable too - so, no expensive service center fees if it needs replacing.

In photography everyone knows that time is money. That is why the Gemini Pro range of monolights boasts recycling times to full power faster than ever before. Now you can spend less time waiting for your lights to power up and more time creating amazing images with your world-class lighting.

  • Fast Recycle Times
  • Fast Recycle Time 1.1 Secs
  • Fast Flash Duration 1/2900 Sec
  • Multi Voltage Operation
  • Fan Cooling

Please contact me for directions and map when visiting the studio

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Glamour photography in our Reading Berkshire photographic studio.
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