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Art Nude Creative Course.

Course Objective’s.
Learn how to create Art Nude images by effective and creative use of studio lighting, working with and directing models, also planning and using studio backgrounds and props.

Overall Course Content.
The Course includes discussion with the Model and Tutor about Art Nude Styles and includes Classical Figure, modern examples.
Including planning the shoot props, sets and selecting of backgrounds, lighting, including lighting options.

Understanding art nude styles and levels.
High Key.
Low Key.
body scapes.
Planning shoot ideas and content.
Ideas inspiration.
How to select a suitable Model.
Discussing and agreeing the Shoot content and level with the Model.
Planning the studio set and lighting.
Briefing the Model.
Model and shoot etiquette.
Minimum 2 hours practical shooting.
Selecting and agreeing 4-5 images as inspirational objectives.
Use of lighting modifiers, reflectors and other tools.
Adjusting, measuring and creative use of lighting.
Course can be extended
Review of images.

Suitable for experienced Photographers who have some studio experience.

Equipment Requirements.
Digital SLR with fixed or zoom lenses 24/50 – 70/200mm.
Any other equipment, meter and triggers will be provided.

£320 Inclusive of Model Fees, Studio Hire and Course Fee. 

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