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Studio Introduction and Taster Shoot

A taster shoot at Paul’s Studio will give you the opportunity to experience working in a professional studio with a professional model using the latest Bowen’s Studio Equipment, sets, props etc.

You will get ample time to shoot creative images of the model working with me. The shoot will be relaxed, and assistance will be provided for the duration of the shoot, from setting up your camera to capturing some superb images. All you need is to bring along your camera. We provide the rest.

These Taster introduction shoots are available during Model Studio Days, the style and content can be adapted to suit your interests.

A taster shoot will provide an experience of working and shooting in the studio with models using studio lighting before booking a course or attending a Model Studio Day.

Please note this is an introduction and is not intended to be an instructional course.

Duration 1 hour and includes a  welcome and introduction.

Cost £80 and is subject to availability during model studio days.